Since 2002 the  SOMMERBLUT  Festival  has  become  a constant in the city of  Cologne’s calendar of events. During  two  weeks in May Sommerblut offers more than 100 single  cultural events across a variety of  genres produced  by an  international array of  recognised  artists  and  young  talents, attracting  each  year  more  than  12,000 visitors from  all over  the  world.

SOMMERBLUT defines itself  as the FESTIVAL  OF  MULTIPOLAR  CULTURE trying to include  and connect different societal, political and  social perspectives. It  adresses people  who  are  open  to overcome  the manifested  orders of cultural parameters defining  identity.

By way of creativity  the Sommerblut  Festival is  bridging  gaps between often polarized views upon  alternative  forms of living, value  systems, traditions, religion  or other sets of  beliefs as well as sexuality, handicaps or diseases. It is intentionally crossing borders, breaking  taboos  and  seeking  for frictions in the daily  grind. Sommerblut is opening new horizons to its  audience  and  its participants. By inviting  them to take  part in this festival of multipolar  culture the  possibility of contributing  to a better  understanding  of  one  another is open.

In  the years to come the  SOMMERBLUT  FESTIVAL  will continue to blow  a fresh breeze into  the cultural  life of Cologne  by  providing  national and  international  stage  events  as well as  open spaces for  social movements  and cultural debates.  With  its innovative  productions of  art,  its daring  social  experiments  and  challenging  discussions. SOMMERBLUT  adds value to the city of  Cologne  and  the state  of  North  Rhine Westphalia  which  depends  on  future oriented  projects .

In 2012 SOMMERBLUT presented  over  80  events  at  25 venues  and  included more  than  700 artists. The diverse  cultural  program  covered  different segments  of  the  arts  and  attracted  more  than  12,000 visitors.

In 2013 SOMMERBLUT  will  be dedicated  to  the  political issue  of   refugees.  Questions  will  be  addressed  by  means  of   performing  and  visual  arts:  what  are the  circumstances  driving  people  to  leave  their  family  or  homeland  for  an  uncertain  destiny and future?   What does  it  mean  to  be  on  the  run  and  loose  the  place  where  you  felt  at  home? But  voices of  hope  will  sing  out, too,  since running  away may also be  the  first  step into a  new and  better  future.

Furthermore,  in  2013 a theatre  project  will  address  the  important  subject  of   organ  donation  and  transplantation.

Since 2002  Jürgen Roters,  the  mayor  of  the  City of  Cologne,  is  the  patron  of   the  festival. The chairperson of  the non-profit organisational body,  the  association  “Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V.” is Andrea Asch (member  of  parliament  of  North  Rhine Westphalia). This  organization  is  in charge  of  the  theatre-, dance- and music-projects  which  aim  to  bring  professional  artists  together  with  people with  social  or  physical  handicaps. Projects in  the  past  were „SEX ID“ (2007), „Blind Date“ (2009), „Menschen! Formen!“ (2010), „Niko von Glasow´s Alles wird gut“ (2011) and „Anderland“ (2012).